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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  September 5, 2010 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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-- captions by vitac -- unemployment bad. the business outlook bad. our latest poll really bad. and yet, president obama and the democrats this week will try to make it good and stave off a rout by the republicans. the gun has sounded for the home stretch to the mid terms. the texas high school football star who is accused of turk into a drug cartel kingpin who authorities say is implicated in hundreds, yes, hundreds, of murders. they've got him now. and the legal eagles react.
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craigslist has taken down the adult services part of its website but will that satisfy the attorneys general from 17 states who accused the bop lar service of promoting prostitution? brand-new poll numbers out this labor day weekend are bringing more of what the democrats nationwide are dreading -- public confidence in the economy already low is dropping even lower. and it is happening on what is considered the start of the home stretch for the fall elections. president obama is traveling to ohio this week to unveil a new plan to prop up small businesses reeling from thecy session but look at the environment that he is stepping into. with unemployment still hovering around 10%, the latest cnn opinion research survey finds 81%, four out of every five people now say the economy is in poor shape. let's bring in our deputy political director paul steinhauser. he's in pittsburgh with the cnn
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election express. paul, the president's talking about the economy a lot this week. in addition to hoimt, he's going to be in milwaukee and holding a news conference with details about what he's going to do to get the country again. tell us about the numbers in the latest polls because they're certainly not good for the president and his party. >> reporter: when we take those numbers and break them down, check this out. from the cnn opinion research corporation, a national survey, 44% of people we requested said the commission conditions right now are very poor and that is is a jump, tom, of 7 points from july. those are troubles numbers. why? because the economy, jobs, number one issue by far, with americans. you talk about the president wednesday in hoimt, there's going to be policy there but also politics at play. ohio, a state where democrats are trying to hold onto the governor ship and a bunch of house seats. >> who are they blaming? it's not like the republicans
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are getting a pass. they're just not the party in charge. >> reporter: right, the democrats whole the white house, they control congress. in our brand-new poll we asked, who do you blame right now? who is most responsible for the current commission conditions and reaps are still ahead of democrats, 44% blaming republicans, 35% blaming the democrats. and 16% saying, you know what, both of those parties are to blame. but, tom, take a look at this numbers, this is on the president. how do you think president obama is doing? do you approve or disapprove of his job on the economy? only four in 10 approving, 59% approving. the 40% who approve, that's the lowest number since barack obama took over in the white house a year and a half ago. >> what can the democrats do by this because it's too late to move the numbers. there's no way you're going to see a big change in the actual unemployment rate. it doesn't look like they can do anything about the reality in the next eight weeks. what can they do about the perception, if anything? >> reporter: i think that's why you're going to see the
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president this week tomorrow in wisconsin, wednesday in ohio and friday holding a news conference at the white house spoking out about the economy, showing that, trying to tell americans that they are on top of things. the white house and democrats in congress say, we are trying to make a change if. if it wasn't for what we've done, things would be worse. if you vote for republicans, they'll take you back to the policies that got us here in the first place. republicans say the op sift. what democrats and president obama are doing and they're not working and they're trying to make this a referendum on the president and the economy. i'm here with the cnn express. that's your second home. we're here in pittsburgh, why? because pennsylvania is a great little microcosm of what's going on here. democrats in pennsylvania are trying to hold onto the governorship, a senate seat and republicans think they can win back four or five house seats. pennsylvania a little taste of really the whole country as general and, tom, they miss you on the bus. >> i miss being out there with you, paul, too. i know you'll keep it clean and taken care of well. paul steinhauser, as always,
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thanks for your insights in all of this. keep an eye on the cnn election express. our bus is on the road this week in four states starting there in pittsburgh with members of the best political team on television. tuesday, the bus arrives in columbus, ohio. jessica yell en, john king, glorg yeah borger and p.j. holmes will all be making the trip. on wednesday, the cnn express will roll into covington, kentucky, and on thursday our team reports from indianapolis. this is our big kickoff to this big election this fall and this is important, folks. pay attention to all of it. keep up with the cnn express as it travels with paul and all the others because now, it is serious. eight weeks until the big vote and we'll have a lot to say about what we do in the near future. moving on to other subjects, bped failed blowout preventer is in the hands of the justice department. the massive structure was brought up from the bottom of the gulf of mexico. there it is finally. look at that. hauled aboard a ship. the blowout preventer is
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suspected of playing a critical role in this summer's catastrophic oil spill in the gulf. investigators will now go over this device with a fine tooth comb to figure out why it failed to shut off the flow of oil after the explosion aboard the deepwater horizon. that explosion killed 11 men and caused the drilling rig to burn and sink and the big spill that came afterward. attorney general eric holder has said criminal charges will be pursued if the feds find any evidence of any wrongdoing related to the accident and the subsequent oil spill. something to keep an eye on a as we move forward. to pakistan, where there's also more news this weekend. massive flooding there, of course, has presented an immediate threat to human lives but now comes word of a long-range threat to the nation's food supply. more than 1,700 people are dead after a month of flooding in pakistan. now, the high waters could ruin wheat planting season for many of the nation's farmers. if they miss that window, they
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won't be able to harvest until may of 2012. add that to the millions of acres of crops already destroyed and many people may have to depend on food aid for some time there. our dr. sanjay gupta has journeyed through pakistan's flood zones. it has been a fas knitting and dangerous journey in many ways. he brings us some unforgettable reports in a special cnn cover story coming up later this evening, "washed away," at 7:30 p.m. eastern. we'll lead right up to it with this newscast. stay with us because it's something you do not want to miss. critics have called the online classified ad site craigslist the single source of prostitution in america. cnn challenged its founder on how he was trying to clean up the site. take a listen. >> what are you guys doing to protect these girls?
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>> no answer there. this weekend, craigslist pulled the plug. in a bit, we'll have the reaction from those who demanded just that. plus, a new campaign to ease tensions over a proposed islamic center and mosque near ground zero. >> i'm a new york city firefighter and i responded to 9/11 and i am a muslim. >> that is just part of a new ad campaign from an islamic group trying to get its message out. what are they saying?
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switch on the website many americans consider america's bull at the board section. craigslist has shut down in what appears to be a response to allegations that it promoted prostitution. we take appears because the folks at craigslist aren't giving us an exact reason yet, but they say they will release a statement later on. 17 state attorneys general called last week on craigslist to take just this type of action, including connecticut's richard blumenthal. >> craigslist either cannot or will not effectively screen out the ads, so craigslist voluntarily did the right thing as a result of our jawboning and talking to them, but i think that it can be a model for other sites that may either enable or encourage prostitution ads. >> attorney general blumenthal will be our guest in the next hour. we'll get much more of his reaction to this groundbreaking news this weekend.
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you have to give credit to our own amber lion for turning up the pressure on crayinglist about this and pushing this story forward. she investigated the practices on craigslist and confronted the founder, craig newmark, about the site's safeguards. amber's report originally aired a few weeks before the adult section shut down. let's take a look at what she found. >> reporter: i want to show you how easy it is for these pimps to use craigslist to sell their girls. we'll most an ad for a fictional prostitute right now. don't try this at home. it says it will cost $10 for ad, five bucks to repost. one of the big things going on with craigslist they say they're monitoring all these ads that come through to check if any of these girls are underage or young. we put some words in here. sweet, innocent, new girl. we're going to see what happens. we'll see if craigslist is going to let our ad post. we'll see what kind of calls we get.
6:13 pm
>> hello? >> yes, what's your donation -- >> what are you looking for, what type? >> just, just half an hour, just a quick half an hour to get together. >> what's your name? >> jeff -- john. jeff. >> what is is that now? we've had 15 calls. and the ad's only been up for three hours. 15 calls in three hours. we're on the main page of the washington, d.c. craigslist section right now and to get down to the adult services section, you scroll past the "for sale" section. right underneath pet services is adult services. craigslist says its staff manually screens all of these adult services ads and will reject any that make it look or sound like you're selling sex. that may not be easy, but when we looked through the ads most were pretty blatant. >> look at that, she's sitting in her underwear. >> on a single day last week, we
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counted 7,000 adult services ads in the major metropolitan area where craigslist is most active. dozens had photos with young-looking females. dozens more that used youth as a selling point. the fair fund investigates juvenile trafficking. most of the young people that we've worked with who have been exploited online talk about craigslist. they don't talk about the other sites. craigslist is like the walmart of online sex trafficking right now nth country. we post ads around, like, four, five, and wait for you to get a call. wait to get a call. >> from everything that we understand, when they are being exploited by a pimp or trafficker, more accurately described, the trafficker's keeping the money. and if i didn't get it, yeah, he would be mean. >> reporter: we're here at george washington university and we just found out that craig newmark, the founder of craigslist, he's going to be speaking here today at a tech conference. he doesn't know we're coming. he's been media shy about the
6:15 pm
allegations against him. he's the craig in craigslist. it's his list. can people trust that people are not being sex trafficked on craigs list? >> i think we explained that pretty thoroughly on our blog. >> reporter: that's where jim buckmaster says you'll immediately contact law enforcement -- >> jim does a great job showing that we do more than anyone in this area. pretty good for a community of 50 million people. >> reporter: this is inspector brian bray with the d.c. metropolitan police department. he's also in charge of the prostitution enforcement unit. in the blog, they say they're going to immediately contact law enforcement any time they see a suspicious ad and you say you've never been contacted by them. >> that's correct. it does bother us from a law enforcement perspective because the problem's so rampant that, you know, to get a handle on it, we need all the assistance we can get and if they're notifying, i'm not sure if they're notifying the right people because we're not getting the call. >> reporter: what are you guys
6:16 pm
doing to protect these girls? [ silence ] you guys say in the blog that you will remove any ad that looks like the person might be suggesting they're going to offer sex. look at this ad. it says, "young, sexy, sweet and bubbly." clearly here she writes, $250 an hour. what do you think she's selling in her vertebra and underwear, a dinner state? she's in her bra and underwear. what are you guys doing -- but you guys say you screen all these ads manually. >> have you -- i've never -- i don't know what this is. >> in jim buckmaster -- >> have you reported this to us? >> why do i have the responsibility to report this to you when it's your website? you're the one posting this online. i just want to know, i mean -- okay. >> this is -- it's.
6:17 pm
>> we've run into a lot of victims and a lot of advocates that pretty much call your site the walmart of child sex trafficking. in 2008, craigslist agreed to report any suspicious ads to the center for missing and exploited children which works with police to find and rescue trafficking victims. two years and hundreds of thousands of sketchy ads later, the center says craigslist has reported fewer than 100. thank you for your type, craig. >> obviously, we've reached out to craigslist to hear what they have to say. they haven't come on yet but we're hoping they will in the near future. just ahead, la barbi is behind bars and mexican authorities call it a victory against the cartels. we will have the latest on a former texas football star accused of some terrible crimes. first, 31 days trapped a half mile below ground, our carl p penhall reports on what lies ahead.
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think about all the places you've been, all the people you've talked to, all the things you have done in the past month and then think about this. exactly one month ago, a mine collapsed in chile trapped 33 workers deep underground. the men are still alive but it could be months before they are rescued. they have a steady supply of food, water and air now, but hope is a harder commodity to come by. to help boost their spirits, today a group of visitors came to the mine site who know a lot about survival and adverse circumstances. 38 years ago, the your a gu wayan rugby team survived more than two months in the andes after a terrible plane krars. we'll have more on them in a moment. but first, the miners' families talked to karl penhaul about the moment they got this bad news.
6:22 pm
>> translator: a friend phone called and said, the mine has just collapsed and the miners are trapped inside. i said, what? that can't be true, and i began crying. i was crying and i couldn't talk. i was just crying and crying. i said, my claudio can't leave me like this. claudio has to be alive. >> translator: i was stunned by the news, but i didn't cry. i'm not the kind to cry. though my wife began to cry and i cried to calm her down. i said, take it easy. we don't know anything for sure just yet. >> translator: i felt rage and pain and frustration. i thought, how can they be trapped like that? they're not animals, but here in chile, they've always treated
6:23 pm
our miners like animals. it's horrible. i miss him so much. he always cheered us up and made us laugh. i just feel so bad. >> translator: those first days were unforgettable. it was huge uncertainty. just waiting and waiting. those were very bitter moments. i was crying day and night. i didn't want to sleep. i held out hope esteban has been outside the mine. when i was crying, i hoped he was going to come out and hug me and say, darling, i'm here. but the hours went by and they reported the names of the missing miners and esteban never came.
6:24 pm
>> translator: i felt a lot of rage and pain and i felt powerless because i knew this was an accident waiting to happen. a lot of the miners said that they had heard the mountain groaning. i never doubted and i had a lot of faith that they were alive and that they were all together and that's how they found them, all together. >> translator: i always had faith and i stayed calm. and then, what happened, what happened. then, the miracle came. >> joining us live now from copiapo, chile, is xrn's karl penhaul. karl, we can't even imagine what it's like for these poor folks under the ground trapped there, but how are these families getting by? how are they preparing for the weeks ahead of wait something?
6:25 pm
>> really, the families have played a fundamental part in all of this, tom, because in the first 17 days, those miners were lost, feared dead, had no contact with the outside world. and at that point, the families came up to the mine head. they camped out here, they established a camp which they since call "camp hope." they refuse to leave and, at the same time, pressured the government to continue the search, pressured the mine company and pressured the company. they said, you will not leave our miners underground dead or a alive. so, it was that pressure to find the miners that eventually turned them up alive after 17 days. now, of course, the miners, it's a close-knit community. they're talking to one another. they're sharing one another's pains. it's their own support structure, if you like, but, of course, when they got the timeline haa this could take three or four months, that this is uncharted territory, it's never been tried, well, you can see, the impatience is there.
6:26 pm
the frustration is there. but, of course, overall, they say, we will do what it takes as long as it takes, we will not abandon our menfolk and we will stay here at the mine head until they kim out alive, tom. >> karl, tell me about this visit by the youruguayan rugby team? did that lift spirits there? how did they react that? >> reporter: from one group of survivors to another. 1972, that plane crashed with 45 people on board. 29 died. 16 survived. and remember, the dramatic thing about that, the 16 survived eating remains of some of their colleagues who died. they were 72 days before they were found high up in the andes. these miners at least have now been discovered, so there is hope. and that's something that uruguayan rugby players said. they said, you have hope because they found you. it's going to be a long haul, so be patient.
6:27 pm
they said, for us, the uruguayan rugby players, it was only destiny that dictated that we should live. destiny has dictated that the miners should be found and now, the experts, the chilean government and international rescue urs, including experts from nasa are helping to keep them alive, keep them fit in body and in soul, tom. >> i'm sure it's going to be a long haul for you covering it as well, karl penhaul, but we're glad you're there doing important work. an accused drug lord known as la barbie was captured in mexico city bringing a year-long federal manhunt to an end. now in the hands of authorities, he is talking about his crimes. what he's saying next.
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this week, mexico's federal police captured an accused drug kingpin described as one of the country's most powerful and ruthless leaders. ed gar villarreal was wanted on both sides of the border. he was a high school football star in his home town of laredo, texas. he's said to have organized the killings of hundreds of people. fred burton has been following his actions along the border. he's a former counterterrorism agent with the state department and a vice president with stratford global intelligence. he joins us in austin, texas.
6:31 pm
fred, were we know there is an awful lot of drug running that exists on both sides of the border. how rare is it, though, for an american-born citizen to be this highly placed in one of these cartels? >> it's very rare. la barbie has managed to make his way to the stop of a ruthless cartel and i think that he certainly has earned that right based on his known viciousness. he was operating as a hitman in mexico as well as a security chief for beltran leva. >> we have some video of his interrogation andey want to play that and get your reaction. >> what was the route that you operated? >> translator: panama to mexico. >> translator: how did you manage the money? how do you do it to move so much cash?
6:32 pm
>> translator: well, cash would come to me from the united states. >> translator: how do they send you the money? >> translator: in semi tractor trucks. >> is this typical talk for these drug kingpins, fred? is this normally, with what he's talking about there normal business? >> this is normal business. it's still very much a bulk cash business and, in essence, they ship the product north. it's a very efficient supply chain and the bulk cash comes back south. and the money is just astronomical when you start looking at judge the flow of cash into mexico. in many ways, this is mexico's economy. >> do we have any idea, fred, how this trans formation happened with la barbie? how did he go from being a high school football player in the united states to the person he is today? >> from looking at his past, it appears that at age 19, he had his first brush with the law done in laredo and he was
6:33 pm
involved in a horrific car accident where he killed a middle school teacher and he wasn't indicted for that. and then, there was a series of minor arrests, possession of marijuana, drinking in public, and then he vanishes into mexico where he surfaces as one of the security chiefs for the beltran leva organization and it's rumored that he was involved in several assassinations inside of mexico as well as some of his cross-border activities. >> how did he happen to get caught, fred? >> when you look at an individual like this, it's typically a dog-eat-dog business. either an individual has ratted him off and led the mexican authorities to his location. however, there's one theory that's running through the community that he, in fact, may have turned himself in or, in essence, set himself up because if you look at what happened to beltran leva, there's no good
6:34 pm
outcome for most of these individuals. to be blunt, i'm surprised he was taken alive without any shots that were fired. >> fred burton, thanks for joining us with this. i know there's going to be a lot more revelations, thanks so much for your time. coming up, the vatican appears to be working behind the scenes to stop a stoning in iran. plus, it sounds like something out of a horror movie. at least a steven spielberg horror movie, massive bull sharks. there's one right there. yes, the potentially man-eating type found swimming in the potomac river. to follow my passion for food. i saw a gap in the market for a fresh culinary brand and launched we create and broadcast content and then distribute it across tv, the web and via mobile. i even use the web to get paid. with acceptpay from american express open, we now invoice advertisers and receive payments digitally. and i get paid on average three weeks faster. booming is never looking for a check in the mail. because it's already in my email.
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let's check some of our top stories right now. u.s. troops helped iraqis soldiers repel an insurgent soldier attack in downfoun today. a group of five suicide bombers and gunmen tried to storm the facility. the iraqis military says at least 12 people were killed, another 36 injured. none was american. it was the first significant attack in baghdad since president obama declared an end to u.s. combat operations four days ago. the vatican may get involved in the case of an iranian woman sentenced to death by stoning.
6:38 pm
a vatican spokesman says the pope would intervene if asked by authorities in another country. his participation, the spokesman says, would not be public but carried out through diplomatic channels. the woman was sentenced to death after being convicted of charges of adultery. a coast guard helicopter crew pulled seven missing boaters to safety this morning about 25 miles off the coast of charleston, south carolina. they were aboard a 38-foot powerboat that started to sink after the engine compartment flooded. three of the boaters were children. they'd been missing since last night. there is a reason this dog is being cautious. well, the dog was there a moment ago. it's this, it's an eight-foot-long shark hauled in by a fisherman this week from the potomac river. willie dean says he realized there was something unusual and enormous in his net and it is a bull shark, one of the meanest ones out there. the second pulled from the river this week. >> i was, like, oh, my gosh.
6:39 pm
my granddaughter was just swimming there two weeks ago. >> this is one of the four most aggressive sharks on the east coast. this is the one that attacks people. >> that riff runs right past my house. that really was the inspiration, movement by sharks like that, for the movie "jaws." filmmakers have dreamed up all sorts of extraordinary worlds over the years, virtual reality words lying the matrix and avatar. now you can experience your own alternate reality inside a video game. gary tuchman shows us that in today's "edge of discovery." >> reporter: in the movie "the matrix," keanu reeves was trapped in a virtual world. >> how would you know the difference between the dream world and the real world? >> reporter: now you can experience your own alternate reality inside a video game. it's called the virtue sphere, a
6:40 pm
human hamster ball that tracks your every mood. >> the game is putting you in the story. >> 3-d head set allows you to see the 3-d world. we have a track so you get a true immersive 3-d experience. >> reporter: you can walk, run around inside the sphere. >> it's your whole body. >> reporter: or just take a stroll through a virtual village in russia. the virtue sphere was originally designed for military and police training, but now -- >> the possibilities are endless and we can't wait to work with major gaming publishers and movie studios. what we can see in the next five years is placing these in hundreds of malls and major theme parks around the world. >> reporter: gary tuchman, cnn. the ninth anniversary of the snch attacks is next weekend. because of one word,
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hard to believe -- but next saturday will mark nine years since terrorists struck the world trade center. combine that with the growing controversy over a proposed islamic center two blocks from ground zero and muslims are feeling compelled to speak out in many parts of this country. this week, the council on american islamic relations known as c.a.r.e., launched a national campaign. its message, muslims are americans, too. >> i'm a new york city firefighter and i responded to 9/11 and i am a muslim. >> the group has released a total of four public service announcements. as we mentioned we are nearing the ninth anniversary of the 9/11 tragedy. in the months that followed, attacks against muslims rose from 28 in 2000 to 481 by the end of 2001 an increase of 1,700%. that percentage is the title of one artist's efforts to work against religious bias. take a look.
6:45 pm
>> a woke to signs terrorists sprayed in red paint across their families' driveway. terrorists on board written on their white car. awoke to find freeway sign says, "kill all arabs." >> this woman joins us from chicago now. the 1,700% project is your graduate these and it involved poetry, video, performance art, even a dance. what exactly are you trying to do here? are you trying to reach out to muslims, to people who aren't muslim? who's your audience? >> i think that it's everyone. it's muslims and nonmuslims. it's a wider public that i feel needs to be educated about the diversity of the muslim community. >> i'm sure you're aware of the resistance up in new york right now to this new islamic center up there. you've seen other stories from
6:46 pm
around the country right now. what is your overall perception? is hatred or hate crime against the muslim community rising now, falling now, about the same? what do you think? >> well, definitely there is a lot more attention being brought to specifically crimes that are being committed because somebody is muslim and i think that's indicative of a post-9/11 era. i think that the rise of these hate crimes and acts of violence have definitely increased and that's something that my project has brought to life is that these acts of hate have increased since 9/11 and they continue to manifest and to come out in terms of rallies against something like an islamic center in downtown new york. >> do you think this can really make any kind of a difference? i mean, it seems to me that
6:47 pm
people who are really hardened in opinions like this probably not going to bend much in the face of a piece of art. >> you know, i'm an artist and i have a lot of hope and i think fa, one of the reasons why i create the work that i create is that it's using art as a way to transform ideas and to get to somebody so that it's true an experience instead of drilling a kind of message in a didactic way. i think that if you experience a work of art, it's a different kind of sensation and i hope that because my work has an educational element and a narrative element to it, that i hope it does make a difference and even if it's to people who don't want to listen, i think it's still really important to tell the story because there are people who can relate to this both muslims and non-muslims, people who have faced acts of
6:48 pm
violence, that they can relate to it and, hopefully, you know, through the work that people can start to at least have conversations about it and i believe the video i composed, 1,700 project is definitely sparking dialogue. >> best of like with that, joining us from chicago, good luck with your work. next weekend, cnn wick mark the 9/11 anniversary with a special investigative report, bin laden's new jihadists. we'll show you the new current leaders of osama bin laden's campaign against america. watch it next saturday at 8:00 p.m. eastern. moving back to labor day weekend, which we're all celebrating now or trying to celebrate. if you're out of work, it may not feel that way, but don't let the sluggish economy keep you out of the job market. we have some expert advice just ahead on who to find a job now and if you already have a job, just as importantly, how to ask for a raise. how to get promotions, how to
6:49 pm
move ahead despite these hard times.
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checking back with our top story tonight. anyone who is out of work may not feel much like celebrating this labor day with all the down polled and all the down times in the economy now. even people who have jobs may feel trapped. like it's risky to ask for a raise or promotion. despite the tough job market, our next guest says you can find a job, and if you already have one, you can negotiate a better situation. roy cohen is a career counselor. a lot of people will be glad to hear from you at a time like this. let's start with a question of getting a job on this labor day weekend. you're out there. you're trying to get one. you don't know how to do it. what do people need too change? what do they need to do in this
6:53 pm
environment to get the job? >> tom, let me interject, and it is all about self-promotion. in addition to being an executive coach, i'm also the author of a book recently released called the wall street professional survival guide. >> you're hired. >> it's all about promoting oneself. i find new clients will approach me who are in crisis because they haven't figured out what they want to do next or what is the best strategy to pursue that goal. there's been a breakdown in the proces process. >> looking for a job or a specific job? >> the right job for you. we need a simple strategy focus
6:54 pm
around the goal and steps we can take in order to insure that we stay on track, and then we need to make ourselves as value as possible. then we do that by demonstrating our training. we have the right experience that qualifies us to pursue this goal. that we are engaging in strategic networking. establishing the most beneficial relationships. we need to convey our passion. that's critical in job search. if you have two candidates, both equally qualified, which one is a lot more excited about having that job? we also need to make sure we have the right collateral material. the resumé, the letters we write. we need to prak tisz and prepare interview questions so that we present ourselves in the very best possible light. >> i'm guessing you're also
6:55 pm
saying that you have to research the company you're dealing with. you better know what they're all about. >> absolutely. research is rigorous. and in order to figure out how to best position yourself for not only the job, but the organization -- >> and very quickly, i want to get to one area before we get away. what if you already have a job now? is this just not the time to ask for a raise or promotion, or do you apply that and say, i know this is hard times, but this is good for all of us. >> you're right. they are hard times. it's less expensive for a company to give us a promotion or raise to respond to some of the conditions we would like to have satisfied than it is for them to recruit and train a new employee. yes, it has an opportune time. we need to make sure we know
6:56 pm
their limits as well as our own. we need to be practical in the requests that we're making. >> i'm going to have to cut you off there. i'm sure there's a lot more you can add, but we have to move on. thanks for your advice. best of luck to you all trying to turn action or hopes for a job. what do you suppose it would sound like to area a world record set? ♪ you do the hokey-pokey and you turn yourselves around that's what it's all about ♪
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on sunday we try to catch you up on the news you may have missed in the past week. a naked homeless man sneaked into a community hot tub and called 911 asking for towels and hot chocolate. but he did not get much comfort. he also said he was the sheriff. that didn't help. police in beaverton, oregon, responded, b


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